Hippocrates, the Greek physician 460 – 370 BC and the most recognized in the history of medicine, father of medicine, Dioscuridis, Roman physician and pharmacologist 40 – 90 AD of Greek origin, Galenos (Galen), Greek physician and surgeon 129 – 217 AD in the Roman Empire, had acknowledge and accepted the therapeutic and beneficial effects of olive oil.

Extra virgin olive oil reduces LDL plasma concentration, HDL cholesterol ratio and protects LDL against oxidation. The reduction in plasma clotting contribution levels, can decrease the progress of thrombo-embolic incidents and atherosclerosis.

Extra virgin olive oil is known for its anti-atherogenic and anti-thrombotic properties. Thrombosis is platelet aggregation (blood clots sticking together). It is an extremely serious incident and demands urgent medical intervention.

Blood clots damage body tissues by weakening the circulation, and at times when the thrombosis travels to the brain or lungs, kills the individual.

Researchers in Spain have shown the anti-thrombotic benefits of olive oil, with the reduction of platelet aggregation. The consumption of oleic acid in extra virgin olive oil, lowers platelet aggregation and coagulation of the blood and elevates fibrinolysis (a process that prevents blood clots), from growing and becoming problematic. The explanation is that the monounsaturated fatty acids have the ability to lower platelet aggregation.

In a 4 month study, where fifty adults participated, with diets of high and lower monounsaturated fatty acids intake, and a diet high in saturated fatty acids intake, two months later the MUFA diets showed a reduction in platelet aggregation. On the other hand the SFA diet, increased the risk of coronary thrombosis and heart disease.

Also a plenitude of polyphenols, such as hydrotyrosol and hydroxytyrosol acetate is present in first press, cold press extra virgin olive oil. When they are given orally to rats, result in the suspension of platelet aggregation and prevention of blood clots.

It is very unique how the mechanisms of the anti-thrombotic benefits are working.

First, components in the best extra virgin olive oil, elevate the Nitric Oxide production. Taking into consideration that the circulatory system’s benefits are granted by high levels of Nitric Oxide and plenitude of olive oil is associated with cardiovascular health.

Nitric Oxide relaxes the blood vessels and widens them, permitting the blood to flow freely. It is also therapeutic to the wall of the blood vessels, which is called endothelium. The Nitric Oxide’s therapeutic effects to the endothelium, prevent inflammation to the blood vessels, which causes atherosclerosis and strokes.

The anti-inflammatory effects of Nitric Oxide promotes better blood flow and prevents immobility, which causes blood clots.

Research proves that polyphenols in olive oil prevent cardiovascular incidents, caused by blood clots.

Second, the lowered Thromboxane Synthesis mechanism participation is involved. Thromboxane is a fat, which the blood platelets use Thromboxane-A-Synthase to produce it. Thromboxane narrows blood vessels and causes the blood to clot.

Olive oil increases the production of Nitric Oxide and lowers the production of Thromboxane. Both actions are beneficial to cardiovascular health.

Extra virgin Olive oil in our diet should replace butter and every other saturated fat that is detrimental to human health.